I am a photographer based in South Australia who finds daily inspiration in the beautiful verses of the Quran. 

My brush lettering work came from a desire I had to be able to make the beautiful, inspiring verses of the Quran accessible to the non-Arabic speaker in a modern and unique way. 

I, as most Muslims, obviously turn to the Quran for guidance when experiencing hardship and for inspiration, however as a non-Arabic speaker with a lot of beautiful Arabic calligraphy in my home, I also wanted daily reminders of beauty, inspiration, strength, patience in contemporary artwork which I could see and read and understand, in my own language as well as in Arabic. 

My lettering specifically focuses on Quranic verses, spiritual quotes and duas in the artwork which double as a visual remembrance of Allah (swt) but also a way to be making constant dua and dhikr :)

- Marryam

"...make the Quran the life of my heart" - prayer by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)